Spaghetti Marinara with Garlic Breadcrumbs

Spaghetti Marinara with Garlic Breadcrumbs |

Sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned.

I’m reminded of this anytime I start a new home improvement project or travel or pick up an instrument expecting to unveil my latent inner prodigy.

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TrishSpaghetti Marinara with Garlic Breadcrumbs

Asian-Style Deviled Eggs

Asian Style Deviled Eggs |

No, it’s not Mother’s Day.  No, it’s not Easter. Yes, it’s the perfect time to make some deviled eggs.  Why?  Because this version is RIDICULOUSLY amazing!  If I do say so myself ;-)

In case you’ve never done it before, I’m gonna show you exactly how to make deviled eggs.  Fair warning, this is not the traditional ingredient list, but the method is the same.   Read More

TrishAsian-Style Deviled Eggs

Unagi Sauce

Unagi Sauce |

I have a deep love for unagi sauce (AKA eel sauce). Whenever I go out for sushi, I ask for a side of eel sauce to dip my sushi in instead of soy sauce.  It’s sweeter, saltier, saucy-er, and all around more delicious.  I don’t think I could ever switch back.   Read More

TrishUnagi Sauce

Grandma’s Tailgate Cookie Bars


I’ve spent the past two weeks eating my way through the Pacific Northwest.

Seriously.  I spent 5 hours in San Francisco and ate 2 1/2 meals.  Read More

TrishGrandma’s Tailgate Cookie Bars

Pea Salad with Pecans and Parmesan

Pea salad with pecans and parmesan |

When I first got to the Culinary Institute of America, we were welcomed with six weeks of 2-3 course meals at white-linen covered tables instead of eating in the cafeteria with everyone else.  The purpose, we were told, was to train our palate to recognize what good food was supposed to taste like (the students preparing this food were further along in their education than the ones making food for the cafeteria).  Read More

TrishPea Salad with Pecans and Parmesan