Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatballs)


When I was a kid, I learned how to turn my hands into a frog puppet. I immediately demonstrated to as many people as possible. Still to this day, I like showing off this impressive skill of mine. ;-)

This post isn’t much different. Read More

Miso Toast with Sweet Coconut Custard Dip

Miso Toast with Sweet Coconut Custard Dip

Did you know that scientist have proven miso paste to prevent illness, erase wrinkles from your face, and even get your annoying neighbor dogs to stop barking in the middle of the night?

Not really, but it is pretty delicious.  Read More

How To Make Your Food More Delicious

how to make your food more delicious

If you are on this webpage right now, there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of.  You love delicious food. If you’re anything like me, every meal is an opportunity to satisfy your soul or connect with people you love. It’s a terrible thing to waste with non-delicious food. Here are 7 steps to make your food more delicious. I hope you enjoy!  Read More

Spanish Carbonara

Spanish Carbonara

You just got home from a 10 hour work day where you never stopped moving but didn’t accomplish anything.  You had plans to make a nice dinner, but you have no desire to wait, even 30 more minutes, until food-to-mouth-time. Do you head back out to the closest fast food joint? Ugh, no thanks. Or settle for grocery store sushi that has sat in the case for a couple days? No thanks more.  Read More

Seared Cobia, Tomatoes & Kumquats, Thai Coconut Curry Sauce


I gotta admit.  The recipe you see below is NOT what I was planning on cooking for you this week. But then I walked into the grocery store and saw kumquats.

Impulse buy: 1 Grocery list: 0

After seeing cobia at the fish counter, I knew my plans were getting scrapped.  Read More