Croque Madame French Toast

Croque Madame French Toast

I lived an incomplete life before I was introduced to croque madame.  Ever since we met, croque madame has never disappointed me, never misled me, always comforted me and has always been there for me. Always giving and never expecting anything in return. I’m such a lucky woman.

Yes, I’m talking about a sandwich.  Don’t judge.  Read More

Winter Veggie Pizza (Sweet Onion Puree, Goat Cheese, Pesto)


I’m sure you are all too familiar with spring cleaning, right?  At my house, it meant emptying everything we owned out of our closets, drawers, hidden corners under the bed, etc and pouring it all out into the hallway.  From there, we separated our massive pile of randomness into keep, donate, toss. Salvation army got several boxes full of goodies and our rooms felt lighter, cleaner, fresher.  I hated doing it, but I LOVED when it was done! Read More

Roasted & Pickled Beets with Whipped Goat Cheese


I never really liked beets before.  In fact, I was convinced I hated them.  That is until I moved to Seattle and my dear friend, Chef Autumn, told me, “That’s just because you’ve never had them cooked properly before”.   Read More

Brown Butter, Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate Oat Bars

Brown Butter, Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate Oat Bars

I knew I wanted to make some granola bars. And I knew that I wanted them to be soft and chewy instead of so crunchy that you end up having more crumbs in your lap than in your mouth. I wanted them to have lots of different awesome flavors and I wanted to feel no guilt when I ate them for breakfast….several times in a row.

Well, my friends. I succeeded.   Read More